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``Baking is a skill that comes straight from the heart ``

I am ardent about quite a lot of things,

but I simply adore bread, biscuits and pastries that taste their best when made from local products. Regardless of whether you feel like a break from daily life or whether you need inspirations for the next coffee chit-chat with your friends, in my bakery you will experience everything and realize that it stems from unbridled passion. If my family had to describe me in one sentence then this would be their answer:

“An affectionate, competent handywoman in search of harmony who radiates joie-de-vivre despite working behind the scenes.”

I would go along with this statement but would nevertheless like to add that I am definitely family oriented. I have been assisting my father in our kitchen for a year. At the young age of 23 years, this is a great opportunity for me to support the family-run business. However, over the past years I have come to the conclusion that my work as cook cannot satisfy my need for creativity. Without further ado I decided to start baking which served to balance the routine of daily life. I sifted through dozens of magazines, cookery books and food blogs to find inspiration for my next pastry. And lo and behold although I had difficulty in giving free rein to my ideas at the beginning, slowly but surely my passion for baking developed and with it the eye for detail. Now you know why I love baking.

I look forward to your visit in my small but fine bakery.

Your pastry maker

Katharina Maier