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Johannes King – what does the Johanniterbad have in common with Sylt? As a guest at the Johanniterbad Hotel in Rottweil situated between the Black Forest and the Swabian Alb looking out onto the typical landscape of this region with the glorious scents of roast beef and onions or Swabian ravioli wafting to your nose and the guests around you speaking with a Swabian dialect, your thoughts are definitely not going to drift to Sylt.

Nevertheless, there is a longstanding association between both places that are closely tied to Johannes King. The renowned Chef de Cuisine who is rated with two stars in the Michelin Guide has been host in the „Söl’ring Hof“, a top-class hotel and restaurant on the island of Sylt since 2000. Johannes King learnt the fundamentals of his excellent culinary skills from Irmgard Maier, senior chef of the Johanniterbad from 1979 until 1982. This is where his success story begins and the relevance is still recognizable today. Both hotels cook with regional produce, their recipes are created with love and true dedication and the ingredients processed with care to produce fine culinary masterpieces.

When Tobias and Sabine Maier return from their visit to Sylt with the scent of the sea in their nose and the taste of salt on their lips, they bring with them numerous recipes from the island of Sylt.