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The philosophy

  /  The philosophy

The delights in life –

genuine and true enjoyment

Our innovative culinary expertise is based on the finest culinary delights using high-quality products. Whoever is lucky enough to live in a native area that is rural can draw on unlimited resources. Regionality e.g. short distances to selected producers are a matter of course. We combine the seasonal nature of the products with pleasure and the cycle of nature.

The most important ingredient for our culinary skills?

The greatest pleasure we derive from our authentic art.

Relax in Style –

Unpretentious and Contemporary

In our Johanniterbad Hotel, we as a family want to create a modern symbiosis between the Nordic, sleek and impressive style of the Black Forest and the old traditions of Granny Irmgard. The Maier family place great importance on paying attention to detail. Together with architects and designers we refine our visions with great passion and a clear perception. It gives us great pleasure each day to integrate our very own personal style into an ambience of well-being for our guests.

The most important eye for detail?

The combination of taste and individuality

Close Ties with the Native region –

natural and Swabian

Where the borders of the Black Forest and the Swabian Alb converge – that is what we term our native region.

Warm natural colours and natural materials such as wood, stone and Loden cloth reflect our native region. Our key principle is responsible interaction with the environment and creating moments of happiness in harmony with nature. Our kitchen philosophy: We place great emphasis on high quality that we have consciously minimized to keep nature intact.

The most beautiful Swabian description for those close ties?

“Dahoim isch oifach am schenschda !”
„There’s no place like home!“

Love of mankind –

passionate and magnificent

Much of our daily work in the hospitality sector involves an authentic craft and this unites us as a team. Although the work involved is sometimes strenuous, it fills us with enthusiasm and a high degree of satisfaction. As a team we can carry out our work at the highest level and in doing so provide our guests with an enjoyable experience. Our trade needs people who put heart and soul into their work –outstanding people with character.

Who are these magnificent people with character?

Independent personalities with passion who are devoted

to their craft